CHESHIRE Fire and Rescue Service has issued home safety advice following fires inside two Crewe homes.

Crews were called to reports of smoke in a kitchen late on Sunday night, May 13, and then to a boiler fire early on Monday morning.

The first incident saw two fire engines sent to Birchall Walk around 11.05pm, after a neighbour called to say they could see smoke inside the house.

A Cheshire Fire spokesman said: "On arrival fire crews found smoke alarms sounding and two people inside the property.

"The cause of the smoke was burnt food due to cooking being left unattended.

"Firefighters used a large high pressure fan to clear the smoke.

"The two people inside the property required no medical attention.

"Firefighters were in attendance for around half-an-hour."

At 5.18 on Monday morning, May 14, two fire engines from Crewe were called to a house fire in Burlea Close.

The fire involved a boiler, and firefighters used breathing apparatus as they tackled the blaze, before clearing the house with a fan.

They were there for around an hour.

The service is now directing residents to to see home safety tips.