CHESHIRE East are looking for devoted people to become carers for children, especially teenagers and sibling groups.

They have released case studies about people who have gone into foster caring and enjoyed the experience.

Robert and Karen Tulip, from Nantwich, have been fostering children for over four years now through Cheshire East Council’s fostering service and according to secondary school teacher Karen it’s one of the best decisions they ever made.

“We’d adopted over 15 years ago so we had some experience of what was involved in looking after a child who had had a difficult start in life.

“Fostering was something we took a lot of time over before we made the decision and we waited until one of us could give up full-time work and be the main foster carer at home.”

“It’s a very emotive thing to do at times but it’s also a very valuable thing to do because you are giving these children experiences which they are never going to get anywhere else.

“It’s been lovely seeing the sense of attachment develop with the children, seeing the relationships grow, and beginning to see us all as a single family.

“It’s also been lovely to see our own children adapting to that and playing their part in making it work.

“Fostering has in many ways turned out better than we’d expected. I suppose we were a little bit prepared for some of the issues because of our previous experience of adoption.

“When you set out on the journey of becoming a foster carer you are nervous though. You worry will I bond with the children, will I be able to cope with the new routine, will it be okay having somebody else in my house, but it really has been one of the best decisions we have ever made.

“And in many ways it’s made us think we would like to go on and do more if we can. It’s hard at times but it’s just a very rewarding thing to do.”