DASH cam footage could play a key role in catching litter louts, according to police chiefs.

The matter was highlighted during last Wednesday's public scrutiny board meeting at Cheshire Constabulary's headquarters in Winsford.

And it sparked concerns from David Keane, Cheshire’s police and crime commissioner, over the actions of McDonald's customers.

Senior police figures discussed the effectiveness of dash cam footage evidence, in regards to road accidents.

However, they also spoke about whether it could be 'extended' further to catch people littering from their vehicles.

It was stated that it is an issue for local authorities, although the police can assist.

Cheshire Police's acting chief constable Janette McCormick believes the 'reality is that people want to give information in another way'.

She said: "If among the evidence we got litter then we would give it to the local authority.

"That is something we could put out through community safety partnerships."

Mr Keane, who is also a borough councillor for the Penketh and Cuerdley ward, added: "I think we have all seen the McDonald's bag go out the window and even cigarettes to be honest."

McDonald's has issued a statement in response.

A spokeswoman said: "As a business, it is of the utmost importance to us to be a good neighbour and we are committed to playing our part in tackling rubbish, which includes our long-standing support of various Keep Britain Tidy campaigns around the country.

"This includes conducting regular litter picks around our restaurants."

Environmental crime officers say photographic, or video, evidence can help prosecute perpetrators.

A council spokeswoman said: "The public play a vital role in tackling anti-social behaviour and we welcome information about those who litter in our communities.

"Photographs or video recordings can assist the council's environmental crime officers and PCSOs to issue fixed penalty notices, or prosecute for littering.

"To report littering the public can complete the online form at warrington.gov.uk/flytipping where they can upload pictures, or alert us to any recordings they have."