WHSMITH, Clinton Cards and Sports Direct have been named some of the worst shops on the high street by shoppers. 

Three shops topped the annual survey by Which? of the best and worst high street stores for 2018 – Lush, Savers and Smyths Toys.

WHSmith has now languished in the bottom two for the past eight years.

Customers derided its customer service with one labelling it a ‘horrid shop’.

More than 10,000 shoppers were quizzed to get the survey results.

The scores were based on two questions: 

How satisfied customers are with a shop?

How likely they are to recommend it to a friend?

Why do the top shops do so well?

Which? says the top scorers generally offer something their online rivals can’t: sensory experiences, help with choosing products or first-class customer service.

A spokesman added: "Customers love the scents and atmosphere of Lush stores, the prices at Savers and ‘friendly and cheerful’ staff at Smyths Toys.

"Price is also a key factor, particularly for everyday essentials, pushing stores such as Savers up the rankings."

Two of the retailers in the survey, Toys R Us and Maplin, had already gone into administration by the time of publication.

But despite the doom and gloom, two thirds of shoppers said they head to their local high street at least once a fortnight.

The top 10 table in full: 

Crewe Guardian:

The bottom 10 table in full:

Crewe Guardian:

Do you agree with these findings from Which?

Why do you think certain shops score so badly?