AS temperatures continue to soar across the country, a video of an owl cooling off in a garden pond has captured the nation’s attention.

The video, filmed by surveillance cameras, features a tawny owl bathing in brilliant sunshine - behaviour that was described as "unprecedented" for a nocturnal bird.

The owl was first spotted hopping into the pond by visitors to an exhibition at wildlife artist Robert E Fuller's gallery in Thixendale, near York, on Friday, according to our sister title The Northern Echo

Mr Fuller, who shares live cameras relaying images from 40 wildlife cameras in his garden with visitors to his art exhibition, described the owl as splashing water onto itself with its wings and drinking great gulps of water from the pond.

The video has since gone viral on the internet - and the cameras have since captured two owls bathing in the same 'hoot tub' late at night.

“I have used surveillance cameras to watch wild animals for my paintings for a number of years now and have a lifetime’s experience of watching owls in the wild but this is the most extraordinary behaviour I have observed from an owl - in fact I think it is unprecedented," said Mr Fuller.

“These birds are nocturnal and rarely come out to bathe like this in daylight. But what is particularly unusual is to see a tawny owl drinking. Most birds of prey get their moisture from their food. This bird is really gulping down the water.”

It got us wondering what other animals have been doing to keep cool in the heat. 

Have you found your pets in any unusual places trying to keep cool?

Send us your pictures or videos. 

How have your pets been keeping cool in the heat?

If you have spotted your pet or any other animals in an unusual place trying to stay cool in the heat, please send us your pictures or videos.

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