CREWE and Nantwich MP Edward Timpson is running the London marathon again this year to help raise money for a local charity.

This year the MP has chosen to donate his sponsorship to the Crewe and District branch of Parkinson’s UK.

This will be Mr Timpson's ninth marathon since he started in 1988.

In the past two years he has raised thousands of pounds for local Crewe and Nantwich charities including Home-Start and Supported Community Business.

He said: “I’ve seen the great work that charities are doing in our area and so running the marathon is a fantastic way for me to help them.

"I’m grateful for every donation I receive, because even a small amount can make a real difference in the voluntary sector.”

Parkinson’s UK is a national charity dedicated to supporting those with the disease, as well as research regarding it.

They are the largest funder of research in the country, and have an ambitious plan to have invested £75 million towards it by 2014.

Mr Timpson added: “Although younger people can have the disease it mostly affects older people.

"Here in Crewe and Nantwich the average age is above the national average which means supporting charities like Parkinson’s UK is especially important.”

Two years ago Mr Timpson ran his fastest time in a decade but is modest about his chances on improving on that.

He added: “A busy constituency MP's lifestyle is not necessarily conducive to healthy eating and regular exercise, so this year I am not expecting to put my personal best time at risk!”